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Betfair correct score

The score is based on the result of the match in normal time i. On Betfair, the correct score market typically looks like this:.

Betfair, your Correct Score Markets??

You then either back or lay the scores you want on the Betfair interface. It is worth considering why you should trade on the correct score market. Firstly, it is one of the most liquid markets on Betfair, with plenty of chances to trade out your position at any time and good value on your trades. Trading the market can also present an advantage over just betting on it, as you can follow a game live and see how it is going, moving around your position depending on how many goals are being scored.

You can cover multiple scorelines and adjust your position as things develop, although we will go into different strategies in more detail later on.

The correct score market also allows you to hedge your bets to a certain extent. Whilst there are a number of advantages to trading the Correct Score market, there are some things to watch out for. Firstly, you should be aware that there is a possibility of another goal being scored in quick succession after one has just been scored, before you have had a chance to close out your trade.

This could leave you exposed to a loss in certain circumstances. It is rare this will happen but is worth bearing in mind. We recommend the Betfair exchange for correct score trading as it is the most liquid and covers the greatest number of matches. Now we will take a look at two strategies for trading the correct score market, one in matches expected to be high scoring and one for matches expected to be low scoring.

One way to trade the correct score markets is to take a spread of scores in a match where you think a certain eventuality is likely. So for example you may think it will be a high scoring, tight match. In this instance, you could take a range of scores, say, and This is shown in the example below of this in the Community Shield game between Arsenal and Chelsea. Here we have backed a range of different scorelines, where we think there will be at least two goals.

You can set this up to make approximately the same profit if any of your scorelines are hit by using Bet Angel software and choosing the dutching option. However, we are not going to do just place the bets and leave them, we are going to trade them. What we are going to do is wait to see how the match develops and then hopefully trade out when some goals are scored.

Now in this example, Chelsea scored early in the second half, which put us in a good position. All we needed was one more goal and we would be looking at a decent profit. We had to wait late on for a goal to be scored, but thankfully for us it was, with Arsenal equalising in the 82nd minute.

However, the way the game was developing we saw a good chance of there being another goal so stuck in there. The сеат леон фото of whether to stay in or get out of a trade will depend on both your trading style and how a game is progressing. That is something that comes with experience. Remember that football is a wonderfully random game, so accurate correct score prediction is not easy. Probably not, but both could end up with exactly the same result.

Even the best teams have a result now and again. A correct score prediction formula which tends to be popular is looking at recent 100 депозит 1хбет условия only, often known as "short form". No team goes through an entire season playing at their very best; they go through periods of high performance but will suffer dips in form here and there.

The idea here is to find teams which are both playing well and anticipating that it will continue into the next match.

Correct Score Trading: the Exciting Way to Trade Football

Many traders use head-to-head results, known as "H2H". There are a number of free correct score prediction websites you can bookmark:. Which is the best correct score prediction site?

Well, we wondered that too and tracked results for a few years. After logging thousands upon thousands of predictions and results, we were left with the following figures:.

We put that to the test by developing our own prediction algorithm and logging results alongside the other three sites. We achieved the following results:.

It turns out that we have the best correct score prediction of all the sites, both for exact score and one goal out. Although we put some time into testing, our algorithm was not incredibly scientific and it does make me wonder how basic the prediction sites are. Should you follow their correct score tips? Well, now you have the figures so you can decide that for yourself.

Once you find a fixture to trade, you need to decide on the scores you are going to target. You may decide to Dutch two, three or more scores in the same match so that you have a bit of a scatter gun approach.

For example, if you think that the final score will be you may decide to cover and as well. When the home team go up you have a third goal covered either way. No stress there! Also, when you find a fixture which has a strong chance of both teams scoring, you can ignore, and, This narrows down your target score options significantly. On the other hand, if there is a strong chance of both teams not scoring, you can ignore, etc. Rather than try to predict full-time results of matches - which is ridiculously difficult - it is much more profitable to trade around profits on target scores.

As long as you get near a target score or two at a good time in the match, that will be enough. It allows you to use the green built up on target scores to guarantee a profit. Big wins are nice, but trading is all about controlling losses so that those big greens do more than simply cover other losses. One way of hitting more accurate score predictions is to split matches in half.

Our Team Stats Database shows us that the average football match has 1. No team ever has to score сеат леон фото the first half, which means that time decay works faster. In other words, the price falls at a faster rate and you are able to lay it with less liability should there be no goals. In most matches, the half-time price will reach 2. As well as your first half correct score options, you can also wait until half-time before entering a trade.

Dutching Correct Scores On Betfair – How To Trade It! [FULL VIDEO]

With a second half correct score trade you use the full market, but the prices will have already moved a lot. For example, the price will usually be around a third of what it was at kick-off.

Quite a discount! Whereas you will often be looking to target one goal in зенит подъем зеркала first half, after half-time you can go after two or more goals much more confidently.

Teams need to score goals in order to win matches and, as time runs out, the pressure mounts. At Goal Profits, we have an advanced strategy which goes after second half correct scores and achieves some really big profits.

The keys to it are match selection, controlling liabilities and making sure that the potential profits are big enough to make everything worthwhile. Your aim as a trader is to get away with scratch trades wherever possible and bank small profits when opportunities arise, while waiting for a match to go exactly as you predict.

Patience is key. There are likely to be runs of scratch trades and you cannot let temptation get the better of you. Wait for the right opportunities, trade smartly, control your risk and the profits will come.

Long-term profit is what trading is all about. Betfair is full of very clever traders just waiting to take your money. If it was, do you think there would be many people going to work on Monday morning?! Trading is a skill which you will learn over time. You will not crack it in a week, a month or perhaps even six months but you will become consistently profitable if you want it enough. February 26, Sports Trading Life Traders. February 23, March 1, Betfair trading Get more winning trades using this set-up April 25, BetJet Pro Laying April 24, Football betting tips Profit before a ball has even been kicked Betfair trading strategy April 17,

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